Play Tent


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Our Ooh Noo Teepees make the perfect play tents for little ones. Light beige with the lovely black bunting detail, this teepee fits into any nursery, playroom or family space. This adorable teepee will provide hours of adventurous play, as well as the ideal cosy spot for reading and napping!

Most tents seem to be barely big enough for one or two small children, and certainly mum or dad can never fit inside. So we have made Ooh Noo have created theirs slightly bigger, to fit friends, parents and plenty of plush friends. It's also easy to assemble and looks attractive in your living room, kid's room or play room.

The Ooh Noo Play Tent is a must-have in your garden or backyard or even on your terrace. You can also take it with you to the park or beach and use it as a stylish sun shelter for the whole family. 

When not in use, you can also easily fold up the Play Tent and store it for your next play date.

Recommended products to use with your Play Tent:
Our Toddlekind Nordic Play Mat or Weaning Mat (105cm diameter) makes a great addition and fits inside the tent to add to your play time fun.

Black bunting included.

75% Cotton and 25% polyester and solid wood poles. Accessories made from: felt and rope

Dimensions: 155 cm x 186 cm
Assembled & Open: Height - 155 cm. The Play Tent has a 5-sided base: each side edge is 115 cm, to create a combined width at its widest (diagonal) of 186 cm. The measurement from the centre of a straight edge to the corner (apex) directly opposite is 177 cm.

Assembled & Closed: Height -  185 cm

Unassembled (folded): approx. 8 cm x 35 cm x 110 cm

Machine washable.

First, remove the wooden support sticks from the Play Tent. Next, machine wash the fabric at 30° C on a moderate spin cycle and then hang to dry.

WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Do not leave children unattended.
Toy is intended to be assembled by an adult. The proper assembly shall be checked by an adult before use.