Pinch Toys Maxi Elephant


This lovely wooden elephant toy brings charm and encourages little ones to explore with different shapes. Made of natural alder wood with soft white painted details (non toxic paint) and pair lovely with our cat or rabbit.

Our children absolute love this collection that are perfectly made to fit into their perfect little hands.


Product details 

PAINT: non - toxic and water based, complying to EN-71 standards
MAINTENANCE: In case of stains or scratches sand with a fine sandpaper. Avoid direct sunlight or expose to high temperatures.
DESIGN: Simple and minimalist shapes. No sharp edges and free of harmful chemicals. Designed, handmade and hand-painted in Croatia.
PACKAGING: Cardboard box, made to be reusable and recyclable. Remove all tags and loose parts before giving to a child.

SIZE: 19cm x 8cm Unfinished Beech wood

Non-toxic white paint

Size: 19cm x 8 cm